The Key to Keeping Your Curls on Those Awful Humid Days


Curls in Humidity Imaxtree

We’re of the belief that you shouldn’t let a less-than-ideal weather app prediction get in the way of how you want to wear your hair. And in the summer, the condition you’re likely going to be in battle with the most is humidity. Cue the sob music, we know. Humidity has this way of dragging down curls in a snap. Literally.

You can walk outside with perfectly coiled tendrils only to find them flat against your head like, 10 minutes later. For as long as it takes to curl an entire head of hair, this tragedy has got to come to an end. Because we don’t really WANT to retire our curling wands for the entire summer, we caught up with Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City, who filled us in on how to make curls work when the weather is a total…

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